Defensive Indifference

by Golden Sombrero

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Thank you to Michael Scarborough, Kelly Minnis, David Garrick, Stacy Hartoon, Phil Peterson, The Ex-Optimists, A Sundae Drive, Jealous Creatures, Slow Future, Only Beast, The Inators, Corusco, Race To The Moon/Hello Elle, 979Represent, Free Press Houston, Union of Human, Patties Radio, The Late Night Raid, Space City Chronicles, Creepy Horse, Eric Revis, Jessica Little, Shane Burke, Eddie Mendez, Scot Overholser, Jason Smith, Revolution Café and Bar, Rudyard’s British Pub, Pegstar Concerts, Easy Credit Group, The Convoy Group, Montucky Cold Snacks, Adrián Beltré, Von Miller, Intentional Walks on the Beach, the Limon Pepino Gatorade flavor, the new house on Old Oaks, Francisco’s Studios, B/CS LOUD!FEST, family, friends, wives, lovers, & fans.


released February 25, 2017

Golden Sombrero is
Todd Hansen - Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Grant Nunneley - Drums, Backing Vocals
Tim Horn - Bass
Cody Franklin - Lead Guitar

Mixed and Produced by Michael Scarborough
Wonkiller Studios, Bryan, TX
Mastered by Blake Bickel
Dynamic Sound Service, Seattle, WA
Distributed by Sinkhole Texas, Inc., College Station, TX
Cover and Artwork by Reuel Yarbrough
Photography by Eddie Mendez
Insert Design by Todd Hansen and Elisabeth Button

All music written and performed by Golden Sombrero. Zoot and Dill were present for recording and lent moral support. All lyrics written by Todd Hansen.

All songs © 2017 Golden Sombrero (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Golden Sombrero Houston, Texas

A Houston four-piece band making smart bar rock & roll with hints of honky tonk, classic rock, garage pop, and punk.

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Track Name: Less Than Cool
You used to get excited when the numbers lined up
Now you worry that you’re less than cool
You forget your age, but you realize you’re still old enough to die
No use lying saying you’re just tired

You get confused at all the interchanges
Causing wrecks everywhere you go
You’re omniscient, future was bright, but it’s worthless with that near-sight
No use lying saying you’re just tired

Love doesn’t clean as well as soap
After a rain dance on a slippery slope
It’s gonna be a lonely fall
Do you care at all

You hit rock bottom at the beach
The liquor was quicker than a cold one
You left out your drive to dry in the light, but motivation ended up fried
No use lying saying you’re just tired
Track Name: Dog in a Thunderstorm
We are gathered here to thank
Politeness for politeness’ sake
Keeping us safe from all discourse
Readily tasked for chores of poise and grace

Shaking a procession of hands
All dull moments will get reprimands
Groups of one will stay ignored
Grand rewards assured of prominence

I am a dog in a thunderstorm
When the barking starts know that you’ve been warned
Shield me away from your flashes of distaste

Never forget a pretty face
They either feed or shutter off the gates
Stay out of important lines
Mind the noble and occasion

I am a dog in a thunderstorm
When the barking starts know that you’ve been warned
Shield me away from all of your scorn
Let me down easy and keep me warm
Track Name: Beautiful Ones
Far away from the ruckus gained unenthused joy
Somehow ran out of all the good times pouring the red wine
Don’t like the view in the mirror, get a new hairdo
Lazing on above common noise, it’s all muted news

Are you among the beautiful ones
Why are you down around the scrubs
Did you get bored having enough
Time to find out what it’s like getting rough

Living is easy free from worry
All walled off, ignorant and gone by design

View is different from the ground below, and it ain’t perfect
Broken down and uncomfortable, scratches on the skin
Silver platter gets eaten up, grab your provisions
Good luck trying to un-feel this stuff while trapped and indignant

All walled off, indifferent to the cost
Set up fine with motivation lost
No shared fault, no fingerprints left on the design

Are you among the beautiful ones
Why are you down around the scrubs
Can you see how a different term
Can’t be dug out We never learn

Do not dismiss a crumbing world
You are a part, the beautiful ones
Can you see now how beauty works
It’s not to hide We never learn
Track Name: Silverware
I know it’s a waste of time
But I’ll still polish and apply
A mistake may be made and mine’ll slip by

Yeah, eventually I’ll be handcuffed
Kicked back to a proper rung
Saunter down my way to a bottomless cup

Put yourself back together
Before the bulldozers come through
Don’t you know this city’ll kill ya
Hunting for the next succumber
When you’re not at the table
Gonna end up on the menu
Put the silverware back in your hands

I know I’m forced to abide
The distinguished, more qualified
Earn myself a receipt for a gentlemen’s try

Redeem it at a later date
With gumption to demonstrate
Leave with nothing, never rearrange my fate

Don’t settle on the view
Don’t get numb from the news
Don’t settle on the view
Track Name: Made in the Shade
The rock again rolled you over
You had enough of seats assigned
You bundled up real tight and put on that good sweater
And then took turns to philophisize

You’ve got it
You’ve got it made
Made in the shade

Took your lessons too literally
And quietly drove off at night
You found a border town, music to your ears plenty
Until that tap finally runs dry

It’s such a breeze
Doing whatever when you please
Sounds pretty great
Shedding those ties

You win
When you went
Track Name: Craving
Woke up wondering how I fell behind
Turns out these things don’t write themselves
Only sold out ‘cause you asked me to, like a mutt craving its own tail
Damned if you stand by waiting for a call

Touch up, make myself a pretty shade
Reach out and see who extends a hand
Only paid up once required to, like lumber dreaming to sail
Damned if you don’t make any noise at all

I’m not ready to stop craving

My head is full of heavy cargo
What’ll happen when it tips
All the valuables I’ve stored up
Will sink below forgotten

My head is full of heavy cargo
What’ll happen when it slips
All the treasures that I’ve made up
Will sink below forgotten
Track Name: Wasting You Again
You’ve been making modern art with giant concrete spiderwebs
Made it out alive and found you in our favorite den
You bought a motorized puppy and left it in a parking lot
Couldn’t hear it barking on while we prance and strut

In time the way back to you’s going to be so clear
I’m not wasting you again

Stole the stars above our heads and tossed ‘em all across the ground
No reason to look up while you’ve got an arm to hold
Wipe away the thick haze and find the last grassy spot
We can lean and relax to whatever tunes we want
Track Name: You Better Give In
Spend some time with open ears
Playing catch up, taking tips that won’t be used
And though you gave yourself these blues
Nothing changing in the days or years

The path with your purpose is laid with iron rails
Only ‘cause you deemed it so
Keep looking for a shelter not down on any map
True places never are

You know you better
You know you better give in
Just being right, that ain’t no way to win
You know you better
You know you better give in
Tear up that ticket to a private island

Spend some time with open ears
Pay attention, take a trick or two to use
And though you put on your own shoes
Nothing changing in the days or years

You better give in

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